Drummer, educator, band leader and producer. Dave Sanders has been involved in virtually every aspect of the music industry and music education and has gained the reputation as one of the most versatile and in-demand drummers and drum teachers in Australia. 

Dave divides his time between performing, recording and teaching drum set.

Dave teaches drum set at  Southern Cross University,  The Jazz Music Institute and The University of Southern Queensland. As a tertiary educator David has become recognised as one of Australias top drum set teachers and his students are some of the most in demand drummers in the Australian. Dave has been featured in Drumscene magazine , recognised for both his performance and educational pursuits.

Dave also teaches a small number of students from his home studio.

Daves performance experience covers a large range of musical styles including pop, rock, jazz, funk, music theatre and cabaret.



 Performance Credits:

Ray Beadle

Hetty Kate 

Monica Trapaga 

Swing Central 

Wendy Matthews 

Mark Sholtez 

Liz Callaway 

Jackie Ozarzsky 

Tina Harrod 


Pete Murray 

The Eurogliders 

Leonardos Bride 

Margaret Urlich 

Grace Knight 


Thelma Houston 

Vennetta Fields 

Jo Jo Smith 

Little Patti 

Kirk Lorange 

Ross Wards Express 

Dave Bentley 

Lisa Hunt 

Tom Burlingson 

Don Burrows, 

George Golla, 

Ian Date & George Washingmachine 

Jim Kelly 

Jack Thorncraft 

The Java Quartet 

John Hoffman 

James Sherlock 

Baartz/ Freeman Sextet 

Barbara Morison 

Bob Barnard 

James Muller & Steve McKenna 

Sharny Russell, 

Steve Russell Trio 

Ron Jackson 

Joy Yates & Dave MaCrea 

Tom Burlingson 

Lady Rizo 

Petula Clarke 

Mickey Rooney 

Rhonda Burchmore 

Elizabeth Lord 

John Rowels 

The Drifters

 Recording Credits.

“Temperamental Friends”- Leonardos Bride (pop) 

“Green Hearts”- Chris Fisher (Environmental pop/ rock) 

“Slumber for Nordic Wonder”- The Java Quartet (cont.jazz) 

“All you can eat”- The Contemporary Music Collective (fusion) 

“Kinda Like a Cosmic a Rumba”- Jim Kelly ( cont.jazz) 

“Well, well, well”- Dr. Michael Pelmore (children’s album) 

“Sing Some Play Some”- Jack Thorncraft (jazz) 

“If Licks Could Kill”-Steve Lott (blues) 

“Black Orchid”- The Lovers (pop) 

“Liquid”- Leigh Carriage (pop) 

“Just Before Dawn”- Leigh Carriage (jazz) 

“The Vision Splendid”- ACRE (pop/rock) 

“Bohemian Rhapsody” - The Ten Tenors (pop/ cabaret) 

“Environments”- H Foundation (house/dj) 

“NorthEast”- The Baartz / Freeman Sextet (cont.jazz) 

“A Good Thing On Hold” - Sharny Russell (vocal Jazz) 

“Inexcessable” - Margot Hiedenrich (gospel) 

“Eurogliders” – The Eurogliders 

“In Gods Car....” - ACRE 

“When the Light Comes” - Steve Russell 

“ Ticket Out of Here” - Will Conner 

Standing on the Outside” Tribute to the Songs of Cold Chisel – Pete Murray 

“Willow” - Grace KnighT 

“Live at the Blue Birdy” – Jo Jo Smith 

“Animalz” Beau Young 

“Standing In The Lovelight” – JoJo Smith 

“State of Bliss” – Kim Banffy 

“Waltz for the Wicked” – Peter Martin 

“The Wind” – Noam Blatt 

Johnny Santo” - Jim Kelly and the Thrill Seekers (featuring Tim Neal) 

“Lets Think About Tomorrow” - Jack Thorncraft (performance and producer) 

“The Freest of the Free” - Victoriana Gay 

“Ya Gotta Love The Drummers” - Jim Kelly 

“Actual Asset” - Thierry Fossemalle Trio 

“Lets Have A Good Day” – Cara Whyte